Super Trade Enterprises has carefully chosen the best products from among thousands of manufacturers and suppliers to distribute in the Philippines. Our company gives priority to quality, durability, and after-sales service. As we expand, more manufacturers come to our doors offering their products.

Aside from centering our company’s focus on a few quality brands, we make it our responsibility to provide the best warranty and after-sales service. Through our dealers, additional service centers and mobile service clinics, we are proud to offer warranty and after-sales service that is acknowledged as among the best in the agricultural and fishery engine industry.

Super Trade Enterprises currently distributes quality-tested products from the following trusted brands:

Bellota BELLOTA has over a hundred years of history with the widest array of products in the market. From cultivators to harrow discs, BELLOTA offers an optimum balance between wear resistance and break resistance, guaranteeing an extended period of performance in the harshest working conditions. Longer lasting discs and precision engineering to avoid breakage means less down time and better profits. A lifetime guarantee on any manufacturing defects is the assurance of BELLOTA quality.

Changchai Changchai has been listed as as one of the top 10 “most influential brands in China.” It’s single-cylinder diesel engine won the title of “China Famous Brand Product” in 2005, and was considered one of the “500 most valuable brands in China” in 2006.

Emei Sichuan Emei is one of the oldest companies in China with over 50 years of manufacturing experience. Emei produces 500,000 units of water-cooled diesel engines annually.

Hangcha The new generation R series HANGCHA Forklift is combined with durability, ease of operation, clean emission, and high standards of safety. The environment friendly engines all meet the EU emission and noise level standards. Over 30 years of leadership in the manufacture and production of Chinese forklift went into the development of the latest advances in forklift design and technology of the HANGCHA. Driven by Isuzu Engine, HANGCHA delivers excellent performance all the time.

Kama Kama is the leading air-cooled diesel engine in the Philippines. It is the only air-cooled diesel engine with patented outside fuel filter in the Philippines. Kama diesel engines are manufactured in China.

Kasama Kasama is known as the “value-for-money” brand of air-cooled diesel engines. Similar to Kama, the Kasama engine is also used for agricultural, marine and industrial applications.

Kenbo Kenbo is a private label of Super Trade Enterprises for engines and pumps. Kenbo products surpassed sales volume expectations for the last two years in the Philippines and continues to grow.

Kioti KIOTI is at the forefront of Korean technology in agricultural machinery modernization. Manufactured by Daedong Industrial Company, the KIOTI brand can be found all over the world including the USA, Europe and China. KIOTI has conquered major markets in Asia and is now ready to make its presence felt in the Philippines. The KIOTI tractor assures excellent traction, high pulling power, and mobility to provide remarkable strength under any working conditions.

Kuvico Kuvico manufactures water-cooled diesel engines with Japanese technology. The Kuvico brand is a result of a Technical Assistance Agreement between Vikyno Company of Vietnam and Kubota Corporation of Japan.

Landini Made in Italy, Landini Tractors are known for their reliability and sturdiness. Their excellence comes from a history stretching all the way back to 1884. A brand recognized throughout the world, each of Landini’s tractors is built with more than a hundred years of experience, tradition, and innovation.

Landini Made in Italy, McCormick has always been acknowledged by the market for high quality construction and advanced technology, features that make this brand of tractors ideal for the most demanding and professional users.

Mindong Mindong is the best manufacturer of alternators and electric motors in China. Mindong alternators and electric motors have 100% capacity and 100% copper wiring.

Miyata Miyata is a private label of Super Trade Enterprises for rice mills, water pumps, and gasoline and diesel engines. Miyata uses Japanese technology and is the no.1 brand for rice mills in the Philippines.

Shibata Shibata is a private label of Super Trade Enterprises for ricemills. While its design is Japanese, Shibata is made in China and stands out in quality and performance among the rice mills sold in the country.

Swan Swan is one of the largest engine manufacturers in China by volume of engines produced per annum. The brand was awarded the Seal of excellence in 1996, proving that their quality does not suffer by the volume they produce. Swan diesel engines are accepted in over 50 countries for their quality and performance.

Taro Taro manufactures diesel engines, reapers and water pumps. Taro is the only single-piston diesel engine manufacturer left in Taiwan and has over 50 years of manufacturing experience.

Tiger Tiger motorcycle is manufactured in Thailand and is known for its unique features and high quality performance. Its motorcylces are race-proven and environmentaly-friendly, passing the EURO-3 standards. The Tiger brand is a new breed of motorcycle here in the Philippines that continues to dominate the market.

Yongjia Yongjia is a highly respected Chinese brand that manufactures brush cutters, mist dusters and other special farming equipment.

Ocmis OCMIS Irrigation System is designed to last up to 15 years of use. It can irrigate up to 80 meters per strip with 60mm maximum precipitation rate and only uses 3.0-5.5 bars water pressure. OCMIS Irrigation System are made up from high grade materials such as… Epoxy resin coated and painted with polyurethane paint Reels, hot dip galvanized Chassis and sprinkler trolleys and hose were made from unadulterated High Density Polyethylene Pipe and uses Komet, Sime and Nelson sprinkler guns. Equipped glycerin bath pressure gauge and with travelling wheels.

Mecmar Mecmar mobile dryers require a low initial investment and guarantee optimum efficiency when working grain, thus increasing the value of the end product. Furthermore, a fundamental advantage is that they can be positioned in different locations and personalized according to the user’s needs. Finally, mobile dryers are very easy to use and can dry large product quantities.

Nichino Nichino offers various types of cultivators and promote, export them to domestic and overseas markets, including Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, the U.S., and mainland China. With a branch office in Bangkok, Thailand, we currently are expanding our overseas markets, helping to mechanize agriculture to achieve progress in agricultural development.