Super Trade Enterprises (STE) is a leading distributor of agricultural machineries in the Philippines.

Established in 1982, STE has been deeply committed to providing affordable yet superior quality products. The company has selected its wide range of products from an extensive network of reliable suppliers in China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe and the U.S.A. Super Trade Enterprises is the first in the Philippine market to provide warranty for its China- and Taiwan-made engines. The company also ensures customer satisfaction with after-sales service by maintaining a spare parts division, and by having Mobile Service Clinics roam around the country to serve the maintenance requirements of end-users in far-flung areas. Having an extensive distribution network in the Philippines with more than 250 authorized dealers nationwide, STE’s sales executives travel around the country to keep abreast of changing market demands.

STE is headquartered in North EDSA, Quezon City, a prime commercial area located right by a major metro rail station and two leading shopping malls. It has a showroom in its head office to promote awareness for its various products. To meet demand, STE also maintains an assembly plant and distribution warehouse in Bulacan, 40-minutes away from its main office.

In a further effort to support the nation’s development in the agriculture industry, STE provides and donates agricultural equipment as teaching aids to numerous state Universities with Agricultural related curriculum


FOCUS Global Inc. is the exclusive distributor of consumer appliances, home furnishings, and needlecraft products.

FOCUS Venture, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of China’s FAW light trucks and Chana commercial vehicles in the Philippines. www.focusventures.com.ph

Megaton Motor Corporation is a subsidiary of STE that handles the importation of reconditioned trucks and truck parts from Japan.

MESU Realty and Trading Corporation manages the head office building of STE with rent from non-affiliated companies as its main revenue source.

Subic Titan Industrial Corporation is a subsidiary of STE that handles the duty- free importation of Japanese CBU commercial and passenger vehicles. Its office is located in Olongapo City, Zambales.

Tiger Thailand Motorcycles Philippines, Inc. is a joint venture with Tiger Motor Co., Ltd. of Thailand for the distribution, manufacturing, and assembly of Tiger motorcycles in the Philippines.